Tips for Hang Gliding During Winter

A man hang gliding in the Alps

Winter weather is notoriously bad for hang gliding. But it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Sometimes, winds, rain, fog, and snow can render you stuck on the ground. But you can always work toward becoming a better hang glider prepared to fly even on non-flyable days. Here are some tips to make hang … Read more

Gliding in Pop Culture


Gliding is no less than a form of art. It is the art of flying high and experiencing freedom. In textbook terminologies, it is a sport as well as a recreational activity in which non-energy-driven glider planes are used to fly and stay high in the sky.  What are glider planes?  Glider … Read more

Tips For Videoing Your Gliding Experience With A Drone

A person doing hang gliding

Drones evolving over the years are now everywhere. They are in every field, such as crossing the sky, stalking one from a safe distance, performing indoor stunts, etc. All the credit goes to the personal interest of the consumers and advancement in technology. It had made it easier for consumers to use … Read more

Tips on What to Wear When Hang Gliding

a person hang gliding

Hang gliding is one of the fun outdoor activities out there for adventurous people. When it is enjoyed safely, it can be a great activity to blow away your mental cobwebs. It is an active aerial quest that sees a pilot fly a motorless, lightweight glider in the open air. They are … Read more

What is Extreme Hang Gliding?

A man on a hill with a glider

The age-old dream mankind holds dear in its genes, a desire to soar in the sky like a bird, is what caused the invention of the airplane. However, with the complicated machinery, it’s harder to materialize that dream. Decades before the Wright brothers gave us the concept of the airplane, people were … Read more

Tips for Safe Hang Gliding

a person hang gliding, large hang glider, large fields

Hang gliding is a sport that includes flying in a light, unpowered plane that a pilot can hold. Typically, you can perform a takeoff by leaping into the sky from a hill or a cliff. Hang gliding enables us to fly and enjoy the sky the most natural way possible, with our arms … Read more

What is Hang Gliding

a blue and white hang glider

Man has long since wanted to reach the skies. With records dating back to around 400 BC, humans have been trying to fly like birds. It wasn’t until the beginning of the 19th and 20th centuries when all these efforts were realized.  Nowadays, people find fun, sometimes scary, but mostly exciting ways … Read more

Interesting Things You May Not Know About Glider Planes

glider plane flying

Glider or glider planes are aircraft that do not need to have a motor in order to fly. Control-sticks control this type of aircraft, and it can only accommodate one to two persons. Some refer to gliders as non-powered aircraft that are not lighter than air. In this article, we are going … Read more

Differences Between Glider Planes and Airplanes

Aircraft flying

Gliders, also known as sailcraft or sailplanes, are a kind of aircraft that stays in the air without any engine help. Unlike a traditional plane that uses a machine to generate lift, the glider gains velocity with the help of another support system, such as a car launch mechanism or a tow … Read more

The Difference Between Gliders and Powered Airplanes


Have you ever wondered what differs gliders from airplanes? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Usually, people find it hard to distinguish a glider from a common airplane since they almost share the same design, piloting factors, and aerodynamics. In this article, you are about to find out the differences between the … Read more