Commission a RTF by Fu-Fix

    Get your new glider professionally built to competition standard by Fu-Fix.

    A standard 6 servo glider starts at £150, we throw in all the niggling minor stuff like quality M2 clevises from Graupner (ones with M2 stamped on side) and stiff, strong 2mm wire pushrods (not the bendy stuff normally supplied by model shops).

    Anything more, like wiring looms, switches, special plugs or charging leads you pay on top or provide for us to fit. Same goes for radio gear too.

    Then it’s up to you, tell us if you have any special requirements; you want stainless steel pushrods, an external bearing kit, clear servo covers, anything really. I’ve done customised paint jobs, 4.2kg ballast systems (!), camera’s/FPV/UAV… I’m up for it! Anyone want a smoke system on a Jart M70? I want to hear from you.

    I’ll manufacture any parts that can’t be bought off the shelf by either moulding them or getting them CNC or laser cut, I have the facilities and capability to do whatever it takes to give the best possible solution.

    Whether you’re hard core DS, pure racer or even DLG’er I can make your plane fly to it’s full potential. Hey, and if it’s a hotliner you will definitely get my full attention!

    It’s not a job, it’s a passion!!

    Contact us here to talk about planes.