Willow F3F

Its been over a year since it’s launch and the Willow F3F is winning races and proving to be one great F3F racer, selling worldwide and probably the best value/performance 3m mouldy available on the market today! It’s making a lot of competition flyers wonder why they have spent twice as much or more on a 3m class and there is enough out there now for you to see yourself that they really are as good as we say!

The barrier to racing has now been lowered and that is exactly what we hoped this plane would do. There are many racers in the competition circuits around the world seeing it’s a ‘no excuses required’ contender!

The often talked about one design plane races to bring pilot skill back to the forefront is rearing its head again. The Willow has been strongly muted. If it helps promote slope racing we’ll back it for sure, Sloperacer has a history and policy for supporting racing in our sport.

But they aren’t just made for racing, they make a tough and forgiving sports plane with no real nasty habits to catch you unawares and really easy to fly. In fact AVB, in Australia recently maidened his Dbox version by DS’ing it, inverted of course!

Willow and BPV maidens Bandicoot from Andrew v B on Vimeo.

I’d say the best version is the Carbon Dbox. It’s very nearly as strong as the full carbon and the gem of the 3 lay up options for any mortal slope nut! Those that disagree (Ds’ers? Go steady please, light acro stuff- but they won’t of course!) or those who will never race but just want a do it all 3m class mouldy for sports flying can still go for the astonishingly good value glass version. Here are the options to choose from and basic specs:

Glass - £500
Carbon D Box - £565
Full Carbon - £655

Span 2.75m
Ballast 1.2kg
2.4 friendly

More details of the Willow F3F including set up information can be found at Ian Mason’s excellent Willow F3F site here and now Pierre Rondel’s review and buildlog of
the Willow here

Please visit our Accessories section for details of our recommended servos and flight pack for this model.