Vulture F3J

Big, 3.5m, thermal soarers are quite a departure for Sloperacer but hey, how many days do you go to the slope and wish you had something with you for those calmer, gentler days!

The Vulture F3J is far more plane needed for that job as it is a full blown competition plane which has undergone rigorous testing and development. It’s already been changed with a slimmer new fuse as a result which some of the forums have nicknamed Gen 3 and is the version Sloperacer are distributing. Good news to us all and especially considering the price!


Sloperacer saw new Bulgarian Manufacturer, MVM as a top proposition to support: They are small but are competition flyers turned manufacturers putting their dream into production. How many top Euro manufacturer’s have started this way and how much do they charge for their models now? We have stock and fantastic supply for this model.

As with all flyer- builders manufacturers, quality comes with pride. These guys already give some technological advance features to their design by moulding the spars in separate moulds. This gives a stronger and more accurate structure than conventional spars built in situ. They don’t stand still, the latest development is a lighter wing by approx 50-60g, AUW depending on the lay up options, Carbon DBox or full Carbon (65g) can be as low as 1.85kg!

For the rest of us who don’t fully appreciate the refinement the Vulture brings let me sum in up in a way a slope-nut like me understands; it’s big, it’s got a larger than normal tail so well behaved to fly (flaps are huge, giving truly barn door brakes!) and although the undercambered wing is optimized for thermal flying, once your up there and you feel the need to point the nose down, you can. These wings are strong! Well, once a slope nut…

For those looking for a competition F3J or F5J machine, then the Vulture is particularly suited to UK conditions where we have a bit more blow than other countries (but never on days we have slope comps it seems!). Check out the internet forums here:

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Contact here for prices, lay up options and colours.