Vector III

The Vector is the best moulded aerobatic model available today.  Fully moulded with the SD8020 symmetrical (10%) section, along with full length camber changing controls gives you high performance and total control- if you’re upside down or the right way up!

With a full moulded air frame weighing just 1,400g the Vector delivers superb agility and with a little camber dialled in can comfortably handle even very light thermic conditions.  When the wind pics up the 1,500g ballast capacity lets you keep on flying and really exploring the Vector’s potential.

The air frame is as stiff, rigid and strong as any we’ve seen.  From flying in gales to dropping the Vector in for some DS aerobatic circuits we just can’t flex or break this model in the air!

Now available in the stunning new Sloperacer scheme and even stronger fuselage construction, the Vector III is now even prettier and tougher than before.
And all that for only £334.

Wing span: 2.365m/ 93inch
Weight: 1400g
Controls: Ailerons, Flaps, Rudder, Elevator

Please visit our Accessories section for details of the flight pack that’s right for this model for this model.