Vampire F3F/F3B

We’ve been distributing this plane ever since it went into production and know it extremely well, inside (!!) and out.

It’s made by Jesina and Co, a father and son team and well established master builders of high quality models in the Czech Republic. Their Vampire has an enviable reputation in both the F3F and F3B circuits around the world and one of the current ‘in models’ to have. It has some novel features which includes a minimalist fuselage based on a triangular cross section with trademark indentations running along the whole length of the fuse which add greatly to its stiffness.

One other is that even with conventional linkages in the wing- it is designed to be complete clean of any lumps or bumps without the use of RDS, although this is offered as an option. It’s one of the most complete packages we have come across, with wiring loom installed, ballast (approx 1.5kg) and wings and tail bags included. Then the finish and paintwork is astounding.

Jesina and Co offer a huge variation based on 2 designs and multitude of options. Every one we have sold is just breath taking, especially the ‘She-Vamp’ we had in pink!


It is without doubt of the well behaved variety, racer. The racing set up favoured by F3F pilots is a forward CG with aggressive throws which also makes it a superb recreational machine for the discerning sports flier. It’s definitely not the type that needs to be flown on the raggedy edge to perform! How things have moved on- this state of art competition machine with undisclosed Dirk Pflug section wing is well mannered and beautiful in every which way you look at it! Other top end competition planes, may be great for racing but don’t make such good sports planes and quite frankly quite a high workload to fly well. Then there are others that are built, well, in a way only function matters, to put it politely!

This makes the Vampire worth every penny, only a very tiny handful of the very best pilots in the world could tell the difference in performance with this plane from any other of the very top planes currently available today (or not so easily available as is often the case). Which for the rest of us means this is as good as they get and we mean in every department. You certainly won’t be taking a ‘risk’ choosing this one. It’s a 3m that does it all and we have committed to carrying as a stock line!


For more information take a look at Jesina & Co website and the excellent review and build log from Pierre Rondel

Please visit our Accessories section for details of our recommended servos and flight pack for this model.