Typhoon 2m

Possibly the most complete 2m model we’ve seen. Comments about the Typhoon usually refer to how it feels like a much larger model to fly in terms of its flight envelope, whilst still retaining the fun factor and nimbleness of a smaller model.

The typhoon has established an enviable reputation, with its 4 servo wing giving you full camber control you can move from thermal hunting to speed and aerobatics with the flick of a switch. The 2 piece wings slot onto the substantial carbon joiner through the fuselage in ‘F3F’ style - giving a sleek and efficient shape. The typhoon is strong enough to handle the toughest landing zones as well as aerodynamic stresses- yep we’ve DSed this one too!

With it’s factory fitted ballast tube,the Typhoon has the largest ballast capacity of any model of this size! Take the typhoon out on big days and you’ll have a grin permanently spread across your face.

All the wing control horns are pre-fitted and shrouded for a fast-accurate assembly, along with carbon re-enforcement built into the servo bays, the Typhoon has all the touches of a 3m model in a more affordable package – and only for £310!

Span: 2m/ 79inch.
Weight: 950g
Controls: Ailerons, Flaps, Rudder, Elevator.

Our Typhoon settings-
CG 95mm back from LE at root.

Aileron (measured at tip)
Up 7mm
Down 5.5mm

Aileron (Camber) - Down 1.5mm
Aileron (CROW) – Up 5mm
Aileron (Snap Flap mix) – Up/Down 1.5mm
Aileron (Reflex) – Up 1mm

Flap (Measured at root)
Flap / Aileron mix – Up 8mm, Down 5mm
Flap (Camber) – Down 3mm
Flap (CROW) – Down 58mm
Flap (Snap Flap mix) – Up/Down 3.5mm
Flap (Reflex) – Up 1mm

Rudder (measured at base)
Left / Right  17mm

Elevator (Measured at widest point near root)
Up / Down – 11mm
Elevator (CROW) – down 9mm

Please visit our Accessories section for details of the flight pack that’s right for this model for this model.

Thanks to Pierre Rondel, Mike Evans and Andy Burgoyne for their pictures.