Sunbird 60

The Sunbird is our pocket moldie that packs a huge amount into a model that will pack down to your parcel shelf. Its all moving cross tail and ample rudder allows you to have some real fun, whilst the 4 servo 60” wing gives you superb manoeuvrability along with the ability to adjust the camber to make the most of all conditions. Load up the Sunbird’s ample ballast tube and you have a pocket rocket, but in light air she’ll thermal away. The Sunbird really does have a massive flight envelope reminiscent of far larger models.

This really is the quintessential pack-away holiday model – the two piece wing and removable tails means that it will fit on the smallest spaces in your car!

The Sunbird is designed so you don’t have to have the smallest, priciest servos and a shoe horn to fit it out. Tough, efficient and strong!

Now with the new Colour schemes and the fantastic price of £199 makes the sunbird the best value 60” model available!

Span: 1.52m/ 60 inch
Weight: 600g
Controls: Ailerons, Flaps, Rudder, Elevator.

Please visit our Accessories section for details of our recommended servos and flight pack for this model.