The Strega is the culmination of 5 years and several models in development.  The aim of these years work was to design an easy handling, fast flying F3F model that can really kick around the turns and maintain its energy.  Flying the Strega will convince you that these aims have been achieved handsomely – as a fully competitive F3F ship, or just the ultimate sport model – the Strega won’t disappoint.
 With a wing thickness of 7-8% across its span this is a model that can cover sky FAST! The construction and build quality of the Strega is stunning - the massive carbon joiner and wing spar gives you the confidence to fly in all conditions. We’re also impressed with the solidity of the wing skins – you’ll find it hard to mark these! Despite this, she’s no heavy weight - the accurate lay up and efficiency of the Strega ensure its effectiveness in light conditions.
The Strega has many of the design features of far higher budget models, from fully moulded horn fairings in the wing to elevator controls that you ‘pull to go up’.

Priced at just £750 for the carbon version, and £650 for the glass with no long wait on production the Strega delivers a great Sloperacer package at a fantastic price.

Strega Special Offer – see here for details
Wing span: 2.9m
Length: 1.46m
Weight: 2100g glass/ 2250g carbon; ballast up to 1500g.
Controls: Ailerons, Flaps, Elevator, Rudder

Please visit our Accessories section for details of our recommended servos and flight pack for this model.