We don’t try to stock every servo on the market. We just keep the ones we like and use ourselves! For others, we have most if not all distributor accounts to order in which we often do for that special installation job.

Contact us here for prices and the latest stock details especially if you need installation advice or just want to order servos.

Hyperion offer the most flexible solution to any sailplane fit-out with their programmable digital servos. They are also incredibly accurate and display the tightest geartrains of any servos we have ever seen.

DS095FMD – the wing servo
9.5mm thick, 4kg/ 0.18sec @ 4.8v £35.50ea
DS11AMB – the F3X fuse servo 11mm thick, 2.1kg/ 0.18sec @ 4.8v £26ea
DS09AMD – the DLG servo 9mm thick, 2.0kg/ 0.18sec @ 4.8v £24ea
DS16FMD – the Vector fuse servo 16mm thick, 4.5kg/ 0.18sec @ 4.8v £28ea
DS13TMB – general purpose servo 13mm thick, 3.4kg/ 0.20sec @ 4.8v £27ea


For full specification, please visit Hyperion World

For a sport servo we’re fans of the Savox 0255MG – this little 12mm digital has all metal gears, double ball bearings and again, we’ve chosen it because of its excellent accuracy and tight geartrain. The perfect servo for all our sport models.

Savox 0255MG – the sport servo
12mm thick, 3.2kg/ 0.15sec @ 4.8v £16.75ea

For full specification please visit Savoxtech

Futaba 3150. Great value for money and one of the toughest and long lasting servos around. I’ve seen these in 2nd and 3rd hand planes and they are still going strong. Yes they’re slow and they develop a bit of slop at the start but they seem to stay that way forever. Other servos may out perform these, especially for speed but none have the same reliability and longevity, not at this cost.

Futaba 3150 – one that lasts
11mm thick, 3.7kg/ 0.24sec @ 4.8v £34.50

For full specification please visit Futaba-rc

Sanwa SDX 762 is known in the rest of the world as Airtronics 94761z. Excellent servos when we can get them. I use all the time in my own planes. The gearbox is tight and at 12mm will fit most wings. In conjunction with a Fu-Fix external bearing kit you’ll have to spend a lot more to get any better.

Sanwa 762
12mm thick, 4.8kg/ 0.15sec @ 4.8v £45.00

For full specification please visit Airtronics

MKS, I have to admit these servos are the best I’ve seen and there really is no alternative for the ultimate performance in the market right now. So if you’re buying a £1000+ top Mouldy it really doesn’t make any sense not to put in the best servos, you won’t regret forking out the extra. We stock the 3 best ones we think.

MKS 6100 Glider - The New 9.5g Servo!
10mm thick, 3.2kg/ 0.12sec @ 4.8v Metal Geared! £25.99
0.001ms dead band, incredible torque and speed for such a tiny servo. Excellent for wings up to 2m (with bearing kit!), but especially suitable for tail servos, use in anything up to 3m skinny fuses!  
MKS 6125 wing - The Flap Servo
10mm thick, 6.6kg/ 0.15sec @ 4.8v £58.99
Excellent for flaps and ailerons if maximum torque required.  
MKS 6125 mini - Ail.Servo
10mm thick, 4.8kg/ 0.12sec @ 4.8v £49.99
Faster, smaller than bigger brother  
MKS 6125 E - Tiny but perfect
12mm thick, 2.5kg/ 0.066sec @ 4.8v £59.99
Ultimate ‘skinny snake fuse’ servo! Speed and accuracy is everything for tail servos and when it’s tiny like these it makes installation so much easier!  

For full specification please visit MKS-Servo

MKS 6188
12mm, 2.37kg/0.073s @ 4.8v, metal geared! £31.99ea
Incredible servo with 0.001ms deadband- nearly as high spec as 6125E and as this price fast becoming our favourite fuse servo! If you can fit in the wing excellent for models up to 2m too.  
MKS Nuke 3
8mm, 0.9kg/0.12s @4.8v £22.99ea
Tiny servo suitable for DLGs and great subsitute for SD100. No problem fitting this in the tail of a D40! Metal gears and weighs just 3.7g!