Rotmilan F3F/F3B

The Rotmilan is designed by M.Demcisak & N.Habe from the makers of the Extreme F3F (and Skorpion amongst others). It is everything you would expect from the term ‘top Euro quality’! It features a completely hidden linkage system in the wing called Roll Drive (RDH) based on conventional pushrod linkages. This is simply the best conventional linkage system we’ve seen! Construction is immaculate and wings are made from spread tow carbon giving an incredibly light and stiff structure at approx 575g per panel.

The Rotmilan is a top class racing machine and proven race winner, what’s more it’s stable and forgiving and won’t punish you for any small mistakes, which makes it absolutely fantastic jaw dropping sports plane. In the air, with EM style turns (which the Rotmilan is particularly suited) or on the floor you’ll admire the technology and quality that comes with performance- a rare combination but you wont be the only one for sure every time to take this to the slopes!

The Rotmilan has a very good slim E Fuse option, for 28mm can motors. This allows anything from approx 500w to 2.5Kw!

Techincal data: Wingspan 3018 mm
Fuselage length 1491 mm
Airfoil HN Straak
Elevator airfoil HN
Weight 2150 - 3650g

CG: 104-108 mm
elevator +5 mm / -5 mm
aileron +20 mm / -15 mm
flap +5 - 7 mm / -3,0 - 4,0 mm

Here’s Pierre Rondel’s review and build hereMore information about the Rotmilan can be found here on the manufacturer’s website