Predator II

The new Predator II is a finely tuned development of the 2010 Welsh Open winning Predator 1. it is a very rare beast on the F3F circuit in that it is a proven race winning model which has been developed FURTHER over the last two years using advice from several world class F3x pilots. It's a pilot's model, no question! The out and out speed of the Predator 1 was never in doubt, but the Predator II now fine tunes the design with an all new fuselage and tailset. 

The goal is to give a little better stability in turbulent conditions, coupled with more solid tracking in both high speed flight and low speed thermal turns. The tails have been increased in aspect ratio, given a steeper V angle, and sport a completely new aerofoil. The new fuselage is as slim as the slimmest now, whilst maintaining a sensible install in the front, and enough depth in the boom to ensure excellent rigidity, and of course it's 2.4 friendly. And of course it comes with the special SlopeRacer radio tray which makes the fuse install simple and extremely strong.

The Predator wing planform and sections have been left well alone as they were always known to be highly competitive, but the centre section has had a half degree increase in dihedral to give the model that little extra bit of user-friendliness, and most importantly, the wing now features an all new construction which enables the pilot to get the very most out of this exceptional design. 

The result is a model which picks up speed extremely fast, yet still has a very forgiving nature across a huge speed range, from floating thermal turns, to high speed high energy full ballast aerobatics - it really is a pilot's model! At the SlopeRacer pricing of £650 for the glass and £750 for the carbon, it's a great deal for a stunning model!

Wingspan 2960mm 
Length 1465mm
Weight 2150g - 2250g
Wing Area 58.9dm2
Airfoil GM08 / 6.8
Tail Plane TP90
Ballast up to 1600grams