Hardware & Stuff

This is some of the ‘gear’ we use every day in the Fu-Fix workshop for our professional build services. We build to competition standards so performance is extremely important to us. Apart from local fliers and a few more enquiring customers who discovered we keep all these things we never really made available until now! The items below are all tried and tested and specifically suited for gliders. Some are little gems, really hard to get hold of and some we either make ourselves or have specially made for us. Take a scroll down and contact us here tony@sloperacer.co.uk to place an order. Most can go with a first class stamp and post free in the UK. Ballast, as you will understand is + P&P.

RA system pushrods
As used in many top Euro models from manufacturers such as Breta, Munzar, Demcisak, Samba, EMC Vega amongst others. They are the most flexible and smoothest running I've come across, best of all though, they come in 1.5m lengths. If you've snapped a fuse chances are you'll need to replace the 'snakes'. These are usually standard 2mm inners and if you used carbon or stainless steel tube type you'll find the RA system ones have much less friction, can be positioned to follow a less than straight run and don't grow or shrink with temperature changes. You get an inner, outer 2 adapters ending in 2mm threads to use standard M2 clevises or other M2 ends. Each set is £10.

Metal horns
GFK aileron and flap horns work great until you snap a few! We routinely replace using Multiplex 3mm ring horns, which you find a few Euro manufacturers using for minimal horn heights either just above the skin or even below for low drag installs! We set them in at an angle so that you have much greater gluing area for a strong, rigid bond. The 4mm versions are more conventional and is for taller applications. Sold in bags of 6 at £4, for each size. We also stock many of the brass horns as an alternative if you are looking to replace a single horn at just the right size. Let us know we might have them!

We all have a favourite type and this is ours! It’s the ones with M2 stamped on the side and have a consistent pin width and 1.6mm diameter size. They don’t snap, pins don’t fall off and don’t leave a gaping space between the horn or the arm. They are found routinely in the best mouldies and we source ours direct from Multiplex. Available in packs of 10 for £4.20.

2mm Stainless steel 303 grade pushrods
Strong pushrods are difficult to find. I’ve messed about with various bike spokes, rusty piano wire and all sorts as I’m sure we all have! None have come close to these. Threaded both ends and in various lengths. These are extremely stiff 2mm and will do in place of all applications even if you were thinking of 3mm bendy alloy pushrods with M3 clevises which are not nearly as strong. (Same goes for M2.5 if not in this grade of steel). These are £4 for set of 4, mix and match sizes required.

12mm Pushrods
Sometimes you just need a tiny pushrod and even 2 clevises butted up against each other are too long! A threaded studding is required and strong ones are hard to find. We had these made at 12mm L and in 303 grade stainless steel to fit stock M2 hardware saving you the hassle of cutting up threaded pushrods, M2 bolts or cutting your own (yep, been there too!). Handy bag of 4 for £3.

RDH adapters
These are made for us to convert RDH arms for use with conventional pushrods but we are using them more and more as a really useful alternative to L bends when using small arms where clevises are just too big (or grinding clevises is just too much hassle!). Just screw on a M2 push rod and use a 6mm M2 bolt tapped into the arm (get from Ebay or sometimes we have these) for a really secure and slop free linkage. Bagged in sets of 10 for £10.

RDH arms
Splined for MKS servos this is the latest system for clean wing installations as found in the Rotmilan and an option for the Freestyler 4. Superbly engineered, it can be fitted to any wing installation using reduced size horns. They can be adapted to use conventional pushrods and clevis/horn or use as designed with a rectangular pushrod and 2mm rod at the ‘horn side’. For the ultimate install you can also bolt on a Fu-Fix external bearing kit! The arms come sized with a 5mm arm length or 6mm length, £12.00 per pr.

Multiplex Green connectors
We went over to the genuine connectors some time ago. They don't give us any trouble (cheap copies did!) and at the cost it wasn't really worth penny pinching with any mouldy! £2 pr or £1 each.

Heat shrink.
If you are making up your own looms we use 3mm black heat shrink. We buy rolls of 200m so if you need some we sell 10m for £3.50.

Good strong Velcro is hard to find if you've been getting cheap stuff from the DIY store you'll come back to this every time! Great for securing RXs and other bits. £4 a bag.

Ballast tubes
Stock fuse tubes are sized for 19-20mm diameter ballast. We make ballast tubes for wings too and sized to fit most thin section foils for 3/4'' x 3/8'' brass rectangular wing ballast and 14mm (9/16'') square brass ballast. Oddball sizes enquire! All are made in 2 layers of carbon sock on aluminium mandrels and come capped at one end. Prices start from £15.

Ballast and Spacer Each slug weighs 84g and is 19.5mm diameter and 35mm long. We sell at £3.50 for one slug and spacer and you can order any multiple to suit. We also stock rectangular and square brass wing ballast, please enquire.

Carbon Sock
Make your own super strong ballast tubes. Using carbon sock gives you weave on a bias and no joins for various sizes of approx 12mm to 25mm diameter. This is £6.00 per metre, enough to make one standard 400mm long, 20mm diameter tube. (2 layers only required with good technique for strong light tubes weighing much less than 20g).

Tow hooks
These are pretty meaty and fully adjustable for F3J and F3B competition use. £20 each