Electric power hardware has always been a bit hard to find in one place for gliders: The right motors, ESCs, batteries and more importantly the right props and spinners. Finding advice about what you need is even harder!

We’ve been doing E gliders, everything from truly outrageous hotliners (5Kw+) to gentle E soarers (just a few hundred watts) for quite some time now. We stock just about everything you need for E gliders and have a wealth of experience actually converting moulded gliders to E power. We build them for a lot of customers so we’ve had to solve all the set up and installation queries that you’re likely to face.

Our range of stock has grown out of the hardware we actually use in our builds. We have developed our own glider motor, see Sloperacer Glider Motor. and stock geared motors from Hacker, Kontronik as well as glider suitable outrunners. We also keep a large stock of RFM props and spinners and the more usual Aeronaut folders, only it’s just the glider ones. We can even supply a range of CNC milled motor mounts to save you the hassle of Dremelling G10 board by hand (and then enlarging the holes to make everything, er, adjustable!) And if we don’t have what you want in stock we’ll have a fair idea where to get it from!

Speak to us or ping an email about what you want or what you want to do! Either way we can help.

Email: tony@sloperacer.co.uk

Tel: 07505 456 160 (international +44 7505 456 160)