Dynamic D40

When the D40 was first announced, the collective thought was “a DS model at 40 inches – that’s too small!” Well from experience we can tell you, along with dozens of other D40 owners, that is most certainly is NOT too small! These little models have been around the DS circuit at up to 251mph and their tracking and precision is unbelievable.

We have flown them in anything up to gusty, turbulent 40mph+ conditions at their empty weight of 18oz and been stunned by how they just cut through anything that the shear layer can throw at them and just get on with it. Once they get up and over 100mph, they just seem to lock in and start howling round! And besides that, we’ve flown them off gentle sloping frontsides in 10mph, and would you believe it, they will actually soar in a thermal too.

If you’ve got an interest in DS, and have cut your teeth with a little foam round the darkside, this is THE ultimate model to prepare you for serious DS performance. They are unbelievably robust for those “learning” experiences that starting out in DS can dish out. We’ve seen them cartwheeled, planted in to half way up the wing, and even fallen on, and they just don’t ever seem to break! And aside from that, they are incredibly great fun to fly.

At £300 this is one of those models that I would never be without.

Wingspan: 1.02m/ 40inch
Weight: 510g/ 18oz empty; up to 850g/ 30oz ballasted.
Controls: Ailerons, Flaps, Elevator.