D80 - UK record holder at 292mph - the world's fastest 80" at 380mph in the US!

It’s difficult to describe these models without lathering them in superlatives, but it’s really the only way to do it! The D80 feels like it has been hewn out of granite – the contruction is THAT strong. Everything on this model has been thought through for massive 400mph+ DS performance right down to the linkage design.

Currently sitting at 380mph in the US, the D80 is the fastest 80 inch model in the world today, and it looks so comfortable  at those speeds, that anyone who has seen it fly knows that it is just a question of the right conditions before this model breaks the 400mph barrier.

We also carry the full line of Manor Models accessories for the D80 so that you can take full advantage of Joe Manor’s knowledge and experience and build your model to his 400mph+ specification.

Despite its outrageous DS performance, we’ve flown the D80 in 15mph conditions and found that whilst she clearly wants more air under her wings, she’ll still soar in those conditions – once again, a truly versatile model. But once the conditions start really howling, this model can be flown at up to 300oz – yes 8.5kg – to suit whatever you find on the DS ridge.

If you’re serious about going fast, this is THE model to do it with.

NOW REPRICED! Airframe, including full Manor Models linkage kit and hardware set, and wiring loom at only £1,100!

Wingspan: 2.03m/ 80inch
Weight: 115oz empty to 300oz fully ballasted.
Controls: Ailerons, Flaps, Elevator.