CrossFire 2

The Crossfire-2 is a sequel thats proving to be even better than the World Champion original. Stefan Eder has built an enviable reputation for designing superb models and delivering them with the quality, strength and stiffness that makes them the best in the world. The Crossfire-2 is his best yet! Every element of the model has been designed to excel.

The 3m wing varies between 7.55 and 7.9% thickness and has been optimised for speed - yes, the wing section is LESS than 8% thick for its entire span! The lay-up of the Crossfire-2 wing sums up the model’s extremely detailed design philospohy well - double carbon up to the aileron servo where it’s needed and single carbon to the tip - where light weight is key.  It is an amazingly stiff wing from its root to the tips of its giga-flapped ailerons. The wings have been designed for conventional or RDS linkages but the result is the same with either - absolutely top class performance!

The fuselage is constructed using the latest technologies - in a 1 piece vacuum lamination process resulting in the best possible combination of weight, stiffness and strength - and 2.4ghz friendly of course.  

As you’d expect with a model of this quality and pedigree it comes with all the hardware you need to make the build a pleasure and a finish that makes the Crossfire-2 an absolute jewel of a model.

Our first batch is due in Feb 2011 - see here for details of the schemes available 

Please get in touch for further details and pricing.


Crossfire 2

Air One F3f