Artist 3

Yes, it’s made in South Korea but not like anything else I’ve seen from the Far East. This is the very latest version in the Artist series from JK Flight.

The quality and finish is top Euro with sharp moulding detail and I can tell they are made direct from CNC Aluminium moulds. This is the most expensive way to mould a composite structure but it gives the most accurate results. The seams, well compressed lay up and attention to detail tells you these planes are built by a craftsman.

    It is thoroughly designed down to the shape and positioning of the wing horns which are so small there really isn’t any significant drag benefit using a RDS system as so little of the conventional linkage system is exposed. These have been CAD drawn to take away any mystery in how to achieve the correct geometry.

    The Artist 3 has some significant changes and improvements over previous Artists. Ballast provision is now in the fuse with factory options of wing and joiner provision too. There’s nearly 2kg in total.

    The strength of the boom and fuse has been increased but most significant changes are the smaller wing area and thinner, faster 7.5% JK special section. Roll rate has also increased as a consequence.

    For those that like to race an agile, smaller looking racer take a long hard look at this one. Its bang on trend with the current crop of smaller competition top end planes and is available in 2 versions for F3F (heavier lay up) and F3B (lighter but more expensive lay up to retain strength).

    Its not however, a skinny stick type 3m. The fuse is narrow but deeper than ‘normal’- most will be glad of the improved structural strength from a larger diameter fuse but launching is made that much more positive with a bit more to grab! Should also make the install much less of a shoehorn affair too but for all the Hotliner lovers eying this plane a up as the next outrageous high power 3m electric conversion, don’t bother. JK Flight has a factory option for an electric fuse with ample ‘Watt’ carrying capability. Rest assured we will be stocking these too!

    Wingspan 2860mm 
    W/Area 56dm2
    W/Airfoil JK special 7.5%
    V-tail area 5,95dm2
    V-tail airfoil JK special 7.5%
    F/Weight 2000g - 3470g
    Wing loading  35 ÷ 62g / dm2

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