Air One F3F

Hot off the press is the Air One F3F. At 2.75m span, the Air One represents the culmination of many years of F3F racing by the designed of the classic Acacia series. With a 2 piece wing and V tail all the weight of an air one is carried in the centre of the mode giving you a model that packs away very very easily.

The Air One’s wing section is based on the popular Sting, which has proved itself time after time on the UK’s hills. Now available the Air One has been made in the tradition of strong and tough models. The wings are think light and stiff with top driven bottom hinged controls throughout.

The fuselage is also very strong and uses tried and trusted pushrods for the tail surface. For a model that can be put ‘on the money’ every time the air one’s a winner!

The AirOne is currently available at £850.

Please visit our Accessories section for details of our recommended servos and flight pack for this model.