Acacia II

The Acacia 2 has proven itself time and time again on the slope racing circuit. For value for money we believe that there is no better F3F model out there today. With it’s 3 piece RG15 (mod) wing and legendary acceleration, the Acacia 2 is always a threat at the races as well as being downright fun to fly.

The Acacia 2 comes in 1 version- a super strong glass/balsa lay up that has DS’d to over 150mph and won F3F races in all conditions. Like all Acacias fuselage mounted ballast (bottom access) gives you easy and quick ballast changing options on the flight line.

For those looking for a tough model, which will take more than it’s fair share of knocks and give you the confidence to stop flying the pound notes then the Acacia 2 is for you!

Air-frame Price: £500

Please visit our Accessories section for details of our recommended servos and flight pack for this model.

Picture by Slopetrash