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    What we are about

    Sloperacer has grown and matured. Sometimes you don’t want to take things too seriously and you just want to have fun or when the wind doesn’t blow you don’t want to be sitting on the side of a beautiful hill wishing it would. Maybe it’s blowing a gale, or you just want to be fast, faster than anything else in the air. We just love our gliders, even the ones with big fans upfront!

    We recognise that today’s moulded gliders are becoming better and better and so is the equipment that goes in them. To realise these benefits a good installation is more critical than ever before.

    We can help. We can really help, whether its just advice or you want to commission a RTF. We have either, flown it, built it and/or repaired it! We have vast expertise in getting the very best from the planes you buy from us, the rest is for you to enjoy and discover.  

    To get you in the air when you want, we have a simple plan we just keep buying in more and more planes to grow the stock we carry.  We do not order planes, when you place an order and then make you wait for the manufacturer to build you one. We will either have stock or an order in place already, which reduces your wait! 

    Finally we want to ‘talk’ to every customer or at very least converse by email. Better still all are welcome to the workshop in Leeds which is now partitioned into a warehouse for moulded planes, servos and all other sorts of goodies. Please contact us, we’ll talk about planes.

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